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Your Greatest Passions ((FULL))

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Your Greatest Passions


Find your life purpose. Be Happy and Effective at Work. Plus, you can find vital resources on managing stress, sleep, relaxation, managing performance anxiety, boosting self-confidence, managing anger, and preventing and dealing with burnout.

May I give you four tips to spark your passion for sharing the gospel?First, ask the Lord for assistance. Dark, sinister forces conspireagainst the gospel. Unbelievers are blinded to the truth by Satan himself(2 Corinthians 4:4). Ask the Lord to open their hearts (Acts 16:14)!

Second, think through an approach ahead of time. Write outseveral that would work. Put yourself in a lost person's shoes and think, What's my world like? Start where people are, and walk them to anisland across that bridge they've never taken. Make them want to travelwith you.

Remember, when you share, they won't just hear your voice. They will hearthe voice of Christ and feel the tug of the Spirit. There's no greaterpower than an invitation of love from our gracious Savior.

It is the innate passion of the individual that motivates him and leads him to undertake any amount of challenges for the accomplishment of his dreams and ambitions. Each individual has his/her own unique passions and my greatest passion in life is for the poor and needy humans.

Every individual has gifts and talents that can make a lasting impact. However, only a minority of people utilize those gifts and talents to live up to their full potential. Tying your gifts and talents with your personal purpose not only leads to a more successful career, but a significant one. Many Boomers, as they begin to approach the end of their career, are looking for greater significance. Interestingly, many Millennials, at the other end of their careers, are also looking for significance right out of the gate. As leaders, helping others find their passions and help them have significance at work are becoming bigger parts of our job. And as Millennials continue to make up an increasing part of our workforce, this trend will only become more important.

Both of us have been involved in executive development for over two decades. This adds up to more than 2000 employees and leaders globally. We have observed first hand that people with a sense of purpose are more engaged in their work, they realize their interests and passions, and they live out their personal values as they make a positive impact on others.

Our busyness can get in the way of focusing on what really matters. What have been your best moments in life? You might be able to connect the dots looking back at what gives meaning to your life. Inspiring moments connect you with who you are. Realizing and accepting who you are and being true to who you are can empower you to make your dreams a reality, and reach the highest expression of yourself.

Using the hashtag #MashPics_MyPassion, you showed us what you love to do with photos, videos and Boomerangs. By sharing your passions with us, you hopefully inspired others to do the same and find their fit in their own unique way.

Scripture calls these three the daughters of the horseleech, dearly loved by their mother folly (Prov. 30:15). These three passions on their own dull spiritual knowledge and faith, the foster-brothers of our nature. It is because of them that wrath, anger, war, murder and all other evils have such power over mankind. We must hate avarice, self-esteem and sensual pleasure, as mothers of the vices and stepmothers of the virtues.

If you haven't spent a lot of time thinking about your own purpose, you might have some preconceived ideas about the purpose of life. These baked-in ideas about life often come from our family and the communities we grow up in. The purpose of our life is to get married and have kids. Or, maybe it's earning a certain amount of money or achieving a certain position in society.

Your purpose in life is as unique to you as your fingerprint. We all have a particular set of talents, experiences, skill sets, and interests that light us up. Purpose is related to these, but it is your reason for being. It is why you get out of bed in the morning, even when the day is dreary, you're tired, and you know the tasks and challenges ahead are going to be hard or even boring.

Purpose is the long game, not the short-term goal. You never get to the end of it. However, even a strong sense of purpose can wear you down. That's why, ideally, your purpose blends with what interests you and brings you joy.

The concept is finding the overlap between what you love and the world needs with what you are good at and the world will pay for. You craft your sense of purpose from your passion as well as practical considerations.

You need a sense of purpose to sustain you over time. And even when life feels like a series of compromises, you can still discover and connect to your purpose by exploring what brings you joy and dedicating more time to it.

Having a sense of purpose comes from feeling connected to others. Using your gifts in the service of others can help you find your true purpose, while isolation and loneliness can cause you to have an existential crisis.

Look for ways to be of service. You might want to volunteer in your local community or donate your money or skills to a cause that resonates with you. Or try spreading a little happiness by performing random acts of kindness.

Look beyond your colleagues and family members and ask yourself who you choose to spend your time with. Evaluate those relationships and make sure you are surrounding yourself with aspirational, positive people who lift you up.

One of the best ways to expand your mental horizons is through reading fiction. Nonfiction books are useful for acquiring knowledge on certain subjects. But research suggests that reading fiction may have more benefits.

Maybe you want to raise money for research into a particular disease or give inner-city children access to green spaces. Whatever it is, getting involved with a cause will help you find more purpose in your life.

Accepting your limitations can help you be kinder to yourself when things go wrong. We all make mistakes, but instead of beating yourself up for your failures, try to see each setback as an opportunity to grow.

Identifying, acknowledging, and honoring your purpose is the foundation of a well-rounded life. It requires some courage because it opens up questions and ideas that might not be comfortable. Yet it's worth it. Purpose provides you with an inner compass that guides every decision and leads you to the experiences that will light up your soul.

Finding your purpose and connecting your purpose to meaningful work can be hard. Supportive guidance can help. If you'd like help finding your purpose and creating more meaning in your life, get in touch with BetterUp. One of our expert coaches will be happy to support you.

Do the practical steps you need to do to find your passion (take assessments, get additional training, hire a coach, read books, research, etc.), but at the same time engage in other things you find interesting and valuable.

Choose from the list of things to be passionate about and begin practicing one of these activities now. They all will benefit you in some way, and we show you how to use each of them in the search for your passion in life.

It can be a useful skill (like learning a new language, creating a website, or investing) or an enjoyable activity that involves research and learning (like bird watching, uncovering your family tree, or drawing).

Immerse yourself in whatever piques your interest, whether or not you believe it will be your passion. Become more skilled or knowledgeable, practice regularly, and take pleasure in the process of learning.

Clean out your closets, clear off your desk, clean up your inbox on your computer. If you need help, check out my book with my co-author Steve Scott called, 10-Minute Declutter: The Stress-Free Habit for Simplifying Your Home.

How this passion example helps your search: Working on your personal growth is foundational to any positive change in your life. To find your life passion, you need to understand yourself, your inner roadblocks, your limiting beliefs and assumptions, and your insecurities.

Or you can apply creative thinking to your current work projects, home tasks, or even your social life. How can you shake things up, make unique connections with old ideas, or do something differently?

Along with donating to your favorite animal charities, you might also find a purpose in fighting for animal rights, training dogs for support roles or for search and rescue, or simply helping new pet owners properly socialize and train their animals.

How much time have you spent exploring and engaging in your community and the activities available to you? Getting involved in your local community can open up a world of ideas and opportunities for you.

Come up with a few ideas for your book topic. Explore each one to see how easy it is to flesh out the information. Then outline your book and start writing. The process itself will be fun and fascinating.

How this passion example helps your search: Writing a book about something that interests you is the perfect way to explore that something more deeply. Your research may require you to interview or talk to people who have this passion.

In addition to trying the activities listed in this post, take a look at the things people are passionate about in your circle of family and friends. Ask them questions to learn what led them to their passions. Pick their brains for ideas and actions to help you move forward.


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