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Bridge Race APK: Compete with Others for Collectible Blocks

They need to be able to get from place to place in a timely manner or it slows everything down. You need to carve them paths through mountains and make sand bridges over rivers. While you will spend most your time flying around, you can also land and walk around like a villager. You can even help collect fruits if you wish. Your time is usually better spent doing other things, but the option is there

Despite being little stick-like figures, the kids featured in the story are bursting with humorous personalities. You take on main missions but you also have side missions you can do. There are even little mini-games that can help you earn XP to boost aspects of your character, such as flight speed. The mini-games are cute, and their inclusion is a nice small distraction from the main game. You can also gamble your XP in a game of chance or a duck race!

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