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Linker Taker - All Your Links Take Safe !FULL!

G-Drive Linker is the best method of sending direct links of your online files to anyone. Simply paste in your sharable link and the software will automatically convert the link into a professional direct download link that anyone can access. Items will download without any Google Drive window popping up, keeping all of your other files in the same directory secure!

Linker Taker - All Your Links Take Safe

  • This is the only application that can create direct download links for your Google Documents. With one click documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be downloaded without viewing them first.Simple and Easy to UseSimply paste in your sharable link into the application and automatically the link will convert into a professional direct download link that anyone can access. G-Drive Linker is the only product that can export multiple download links into an easily sent or shared CSV spreadsheet (Click here to see a sample!). This spreadsheet can be opened with any spreadsheet application or even a basic text editor, ensuring that anyone can view and download your shared filesWorks with any fileAny file that you can generate a link for you can create a direct download for! That means anything can be directly downloaded using this application! Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Presentations, Documents, Spreadsheets, files, images, projects, resumes, portfolios, literally anything can have a link! The only exception to this is a folder, because a folder is not a file. To download a completed folder with one URL you will need to first zip the folder, thus, turning the folder into a file.What is new in v4Version 4 offers updated features that will make your work easier!Makes single click download links

  • Create single links for files

  • Create single links for Docs *NEW*

  • Create single links for Sheets *NEW*

  • Create single links for Slides *NEW*

  • Online/Offline notification *NEW*

  • Automatic update checker *NEW*

  • Mass Download for Links *NEW*

  • Shareable Folder Links *NEW*

  • Create Copy Request Links *NEW*

  • Can create in offline mode *NEW*

  • Add collection list

  • Export links into a Spreadsheet (example)

  • Right Click options *NEW*

  • File tree organization *NEW*

  • File tree folder navigation *NEW*

  • CSV Export with Folder URLS *NEW*

  • Ability to browse link *NEW*

  • Ability to transfer license *NEW*

  • Updates included in annual purchase

Non-working links are annoying and reflect poorly on your professionalism. They not only deter visitors from staying on and returning to your site, but they can also negatively impact your search engine rankings. Even worse than a broken link is a link to a website that causes harm through malware or phishing.

From a high-level report summarizing the results all the way down to the exact locations of the found links in the code, Dr. Link Check provides easy access to the information you need to locate and fix the links on your website.

Please bring laptops/tablets to search for examples, definitions, etc. You should not have to take notes during our conversations, unless you are the Note-Taker for the week. Do not work on other coursework during our class, and do not use your electronic devices to play games (unless those games are relevant to the discussion, of course!)

In addition to the mobile site for EZGIF, you can install several non-website apps on iOS or Android to accomplish the same thing. The apps support the ability to download and save the content to your device versus saving them from the web browser, but using a web page is safer. Still, if you prefer a dedicated app that does the same job, there are tested and approved applications. Just be prepared for ads!

3 - The next stage is to take out as much excess water as possible by squeezing the project. This is a gentle squeezing action, not a wringing action. When you can't get any more out, place your project onto an old towel, roll it up making sure that all of your project is on the inside of the towel roll and then stand on it. The weight of your body will help to transfer a lot of the excess moisture from your project to the absorbent towel. Take your project out of the towel and get ready to pin it out.

6 - When your project is still damp to touch, check that the edges aren't bevelled. As your project dries, it will contract and this can lead to bevelling. If this has happened, move the pins in a couple of mm to allow the fabric to boing back into position. You can move it with your fingers if it needs a little encouragement. It can take a good couple of days for your project to dry out completely and the pins should not be removed until the project is completely dry. 041b061a72


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