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[S2E3] I Love You But I Don't Like You LINK

Huldah is one of the women in the Bible that me, personally, I feel like I feel the most connected to. She had a way with words, she loved teaching. She loved God. She loved prophesying. She loved reading. She loved researching. She loved all of the things that I love. And so when I started reading about Huldah, it really resonated with me.

[S2E3] I Love You But I Don't Like You

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Last time on Poldark, Malfoy discovered his love for boxing in heels, Tarot Card Agatha couldn't find her booze at a party, and Ross revealed himself to be just as much of a prick as everyone else in Cornwall by treating his pregnant wife like crap for no reason. Will Demelza dump Ross to become a pop star in London? Will Horace the Pug be the ring bearer at Doc and Blondie's inevitable wedding? Will everyone on this show stop talking about mining all the time 'cause it's boring and no one cares? Only one way to find out! On with the show!

Maybe the tailor saw Season 1 of "Homeland" and remembers what happened to Raqim Faisel when he took his girlfriend to a Nazir-sponsored safe house in an attempt to evade the CIA. (In case you don't remember, he and his girlfriend were killed it was a death trap and he was hunted down and killed after fleeing the scene.) Either way, the tailor certainly has a much clearer view than Brody does of the danger he's in. Truth be told, Brody seems impatient to get this damned errand over with so he can get back to Washington and deliver that speech. Maybe he's just hoping Jess will continue their kitchen-island lovemaking session after he proves that he can handle one social situation without punching someone out or making a joke about blowing up the joint. (Also, speaking of the lovemaking session, I suppose we should award "Homeland" points for anatomical accuracy in depicting Brody's condition following Dana's untimely interruption, but ... ew.)

Whatever, none of it matters, because it was all just a set up for the greatest phone call between a Congressional wife dressed up like Jackie O and a Congressman murdering an inconvenient foreigner with his bare hands in the history of television. Seriously, is that anyone else's worst nightmare? You're talking to your spouse on the phone and they sound preoccupied. Are they multi-tasking? Nuzzling with some illicit lover? Using the toilet? No, they're snapping the neck of a terrorist who won't stop moaning and crying for help! Next time, Jess, try FaceTime! 041b061a72


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