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You Want Me to Follow You?

by Mark Tipton & Mason D. Burchette

In the age of digital platforms and social media influencers, everyone now has a platform and a voice like never before. There are many out there shouting, “Follow me!” Before you click “like” or “follow,” there are a few questions we must consider: Who are you? Why do you want me to follow you? Where are you going? Why should I follow you? The motivation behind this book is to bring some clarity to these questions and help shine some light on who or what is worthy of following. At one time or another, and possibly continually, we have or are currently following someone or something. We have been influenced by a rock star, professional athlete, actor, teacher, coach, or if we are really lucky, a loving parent.

Why is this a big deal? Whom or what we follow will determine the path we choose for life. It will chart the course for where we go, what we do, with whom we associate, and what we believe. Whether we realize it or not, we are both influencers and influenced by others.

Regardless of one’s station in life and genetic makeup, everyone has both an opportunity to lead and the ability to become better at it. From the youngest freshman on the team to the most veteran employee on the staff, every single person has a sphere of influence which is an opportunity to lead. This book will help you determine whom you should follow and how you can better lead.

"The author takes years of earned leadership experience and delivers it to the reader in a way that not only motivates leaders to questions the status quo, but equips them to change it!"

Luke Dalton

Intelligence Analyst, 20th Special Forces Group

Alabama National Guard

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