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2021 Isn't a Magic Pill

Stop acting like Jan 1st, 2021 is a magic pill that’s going to fix everything. I hate to break it to u but when u wake up tomorrow we will still be fighting a pandemic, politics will still be a mess, and unfortunately those loved ones we’ve lost this year won’t be back all of a sudden. A lot of bad things happened in 2020 and since we as humans always need something to blame... it’s been very convenient to blame a year. Now, I’m not being nit picky cause there have been some seriously hilarious memes come from 2020 BUT here’s what I want us to consider:

If we don’t blame 2020 for all of our personal problems then we won’t rely on 2021 to be our savior from those problems. 2020 made it easy to “give up” til next year. Well next year is here... no more excuses. 2021 is a new opportunity to become better... better humans.

Here’s the reality... no other human, situation, or “year” is responsible for your life. YOU ARE! If we always look for excuses we will find them. As we go into 2021, make a decision to not allow circumstances to dictate your life. Take control, look in the mirror and realize that 2020 didn’t break you and 2021 won’t fix you. It’s the daily decisions to make better choices and take steps in the right direction that will give you the 2021 that you want! Nobody is waking up to a whole new world tomorrow morning, but you can make the decision to make tomorrow the first day of the best year of your life!!! Don’t hope 2021 is amazing, let’s go MAKE 2021 amazing!

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